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About Swift ACI

Swift ACI is a government funded vocational training and accreditation organisation specialising in selecting, training, supporting and placing handpicked apprentices into the child care industry.


We will be delivering;

The Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce


The Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce


Swift ACI has a rigorous process of finding opportunities within some of the outstanding nurseries in the West Midlands. We then recruit young, motivated, candidates for these roles. During our Foundation Programme candidates are sent for interview at nurseries local to where they live. Following a successful interview the candidate will then become an apprentice of Swift ACI whilst being employed on an apprenticeship salary of approximately £110 per week. Further information can be found on the Apprenticeships website.

The apprentice will benefit from 1 days’ academic training per week and will be available to work 4 shifts within their employer’s nursery. It is during their work with the employer where they will do their On the Job training. Working with the nursery Swift ACI will arrange regular assessment visits, to monitor and evidence progress of the apprentice, to ensure completion of the Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce.

Upon completion of the Level 2 the nursery will usually wish to retain the apprentice enabling the learner to continue directly on to the L3 Young person’s educator certificate with Swift ACI. Again working with the nursery, Swift ACI will arrange regular assessment visits, to monitor and evidence progress of the apprentice, to ensure timely completion.


To do all of this we will need a highly skilled, motivated and professional team consisting of:


An Academy Manager: Essentially in charge of running the Academy. Ensuring that all learners are treated equally and the syllabus meets the highest industry standard.

A Tutor: To ensure that apprentices receive the very best training in a progressive and professional environment.

Assessors: Support and assess learners through their qualifications, using knowledge they have gained from the many years working in the childcare industry.

Learner Recruitment Consultant: To attract and engage learners. Aiming to select passionate and dedicated learners to join our course and become the next generation of child care specialists.

Employer Engagement Consultant: To ensure that we engage the very best employers in the region so that there is a job for each and every apprentice. The EEC will visit each nursery to assess they are able to support the apprentice to progress and learn whilst providing high quality care.