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Swift ACI Terms and Conditions of Engagement


1.     Terminology:

1.1.  Where “Academy” is mentioned, this refers to the Academy Mentioned above.

1.2.  Where “Client” is mentioned, this refers to any employer or potential employer of the Academy Apprentices.

1.3.  Where “Candidate” is mentioned, this refers to any apprentice candidate submitted to the client for review or interview.

1.4.  Where “Apprentice” is mentioned, this refers to any apprentice candidates that have been provided by the Academy and employed by the client.

2.     Scope

2.1.  The agreement sets out how the Academy will work with the client to support the recruitment, training and assessment of the  Academy Apprentice(s)

2.2.  Engaging with the Academy to provide recruitment and/ or training services including, but not limited to, short listing candidates, interviewing candidates, hiring candidates put forward by the Academy assumes full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3.     Recruitment Process

3.1.  The Academy shall:

3.1.1.     Work with the client to understand their recruitment needs and to support them in the selection and recruitment of their Apprentice.

3.1.2.     Provide the client with candidate CVs who best fulfil the clients Apprentice recruitment requirements.

3.1.3.     Assist in organising and facilitating candidate interviews and trials where a trial is required by the client.

3.2.  The client agrees:

3.2.1.     To provide feedback to the Academy on the suitability of candidates within 5 working days of the interview/ trial.

3.2.2.     To inform the Academy if and when an offer of employment is to be made to a candidate.

3.2.3.     To ensure, should a candidate be made an offer of employment, that such employment will be full time and compliant according to employment Law and the rules of apprentices, some of which are set out and explained in Appendix  A.

4.     Apprenticeship start and sign up process:

4.1.  The client agrees:

4.1.1.     To assist in the completion of a workplace health and safety assessment, as required by the Skills Funding Agency, to be completed prior to the candidate commencing work.

4.1.2.     To assist the Academy in the completion of all required learner apprenticeship start documents prior to the candidate commencing work. This includes an apprenticeship agreement (this process is a one off activity and shall take no longer than 1 hour).

5.     Post-Employment:

5.1.  The Academy shall:

5.1.1.     Provide the learner with high quality, industry standard training and development as per the learners’ delivery schedule.

5.1.2.     Support the learners in the preparation and taking of exams and assessments.

5.1.3.     Manage the induction, assessment, registration and certification with awarding bodies in real time and undertake regular learner reviews.

5.1.4.     Manage all documentation in relation to funding and compliance associated with the nationally funded apprenticeship programme.

5.2.  The Client agrees:

5.2.1.     To allow monthly on site access to the Academy Assessors for the purpose of work placement assessment, observation and conducting learner progress reviews.

5.2.2.     To attend client site learner reviews (conducted every 8 weeks / every other visit).

5.2.3.     To release learners for all offsite (Academy) training, exam and assessment session as per the learners schedule of training.

5.2.4.     To pay learners at their normal working rate for all off site (Academy) training, exams and assessment sessions as set out in the Government guidance for employing apprentices.

5.2.5.     To allow on site access to learners by awarding bodies and funding partners for the purposes of quality assurance where required.

6.     Fees and Payments

6.1.  The Academy provide their services free of charge in relation to candidates who are aged 16-18years old on the start date of their employment and apprenticeship.

6.2.  There may be a charge for learners who are aged 19-24 on the start date of their apprenticeship. These charges will be set out in writing (email) and will not be enacted unless the client responds and agrees in writing that the charges are acceptable.

6.3.  In the event that the client hires a candidate and does not allow for the candidate to become an apprentice with the Academy and/or does not release the candidate for induction, training or assessment as per their schedule of learning a fee of £3500 will be charged, for each candidate, to the client, payable within 30 days of invoice.

6.4.  Where the client refers an Academy candidate to another employer for the purpose of employment and the learner is not signed as an Academy apprentice with that employer a fee of £3500 will be charged, for each candidate, to the client, payable within 30 days of invoice.

6.5.  The client agrees not to withdraw the apprentice from the apprenticeship programme with the Academy until such a time as the apprentice has completed the apprenticeship (circa 12 months form their apprenticeship start date). Should this occur then a fee of £3500 will be charged, for each candidate, to the client, payable within 30 days of invoice.


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