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Swift ACI Vision, Mission and Values


The vision for Swift ACI is to be a world-class provider of training for the child care sector.


Our aim is to be recognised as a preferred provider of high quality child care education and accreditation, the quality and value of which is recognised by team members, learners, employers and funding partners alike.


This mission statement is the basis on which Swift was founded and continues to be the cornerstone of our business. It expresses our company aspirations and is currently, and will continue to be, heavily supported by our expected company behaviours.


We will achieve this by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Fully support the Government agenda to up skill the UK workforce, linking all education to the achievement, by learners, of a recognised vocational qualification;
  2. Operate utilising the highest quality of teaching methods;
  3. To maximise the skills of its workforce to continually evaluate its performance and develop effective and innovative ways to successfully support learners and their employers;
  4. Have a management information system that generates live data and linked processes providing up to date relevant information for team members, clients and learners alike;
  5. Invest in the development of its team members to continually improve their ability to succeed;
  6. Recruit, employ and develop team members who have proven care expertise and a desire to genuinely help and make a difference to our clients, by supporting culture change for the benefit of the client, the employees, clients customers and Swift ACI;
  7. Have as its legacy, to have successfully developed each of its clients work forces to have a positive impact in helping themselves sustain longevity of their own company, employment and customers by substantially removing waste from their processes.