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Information for Parents

What types of Apprenticeships are there?


Apprenticeships are available within all sectors. Swift focuses on the Child Care Industry, working with a range of companies, small, medium and large, who offer a variety of opportunities within their industry.

What is an Apprenticeship?


Apprenticeships are an excellent way to start a young person’s career. They are an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Apprentices can work their way up to degree level over a number of years. Apprentices secure employment but also attend the academy therefore receiving a complete package. Career progression via an Apprenticeship is excellent as Apprentices can work their way through the business, learning a variety of skills from the bottom up.

What are the advantages of an Apprenticeship?


  • Gaining recognised qualifications whilst working.
  • Learning at an individual’s own pace
  • Gain skills and experience which are valuable across the entire Child Care Industry
  • Better job security


Is my son/daughter paid whilst on their Apprenticeship?

Yes they are paid a minimum of £2.73 per hour, which relates to £81.90 per week. However some employers can pay up to £110 per week or more.

Will this affect my benefits?

As your son/daughter is on a paid apprenticeship which is government funded and will have signed a contract of employment, this could be the case. However it is important that you contact your local benefit experts and explain the change in circumstances.

What will it cost me for my son or daughter to go down the Apprenticeship route?


There is no cost to a parent, the training and support structure is free.

Will you let me know my child’s progress?


Swift ACI believe that Apprentices have spent long enough in Education, so seek to teach in a new way and ensure Apprentices are treated as adults. Therefore reports are not sent home to parents, however if you feel you want to be kept regularly informed then this can be arranged, you just need to let the academy know.

How does my son/daughter apply?


Simply fill in the expression of interest form