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Natalie has always been interested in Teaching and initially considered Secondary as her preferred route. At 18, she left college with strong A-Levels in: English Literature, English Language, Psychology, Sociology and Communications and Culture, however she decided at this stage she didn’t want to go to University.

She applied for two roles: Cabin Crew and the Level 2 Childcare Apprenticeship with SwiftACI. Whilst being successfully accepted for both roles she decided that the latter would give her a great opportunity to achieve what she wanted from her career. Natalie gained her placement at a Day Nursery for twelve month to four year old children and thrives on the challenge and atmosphere: ‘It’s long days and hard work giving your full attention to children at all times. I am a Key Worker for three children where I undertake observations on milestones they achieve within their development’ she explains, ‘I have developed a special bond with one child who has speech difficulties and watching him conquer certain tasks makes the whole job worthwhile’.

Natalie has started to map out her career and utilise the practical and theoretical experience to take her into the role of a Teaching Assistant: ‘I would love to move into lesson planning working in a Primary School – SwiftACI is preparing me for that career goal by allowing me to developing my skills and gain confidence in my chosen path’.